If you want vegetable, herb, fruit, or flower markers that you cannot find on our site - this is the marker for you! Simply enter the plant you would like on the marker and we will make one for you that matches the rest of our markers. 



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Mark It With Cedar Garden Markers are markers your garden (and memory) will love. Made from local reclaimed Western Red Cedar wood, our markers are eco-friendly, handmade here in BC, Canada, and won't compromise the natural ecosystem of your garden. Say goodbye to forgetting what you planted where, as our markers will remind you exactly where your seeds are and what you planted. 


Dimensions: 9" x 1.25"


NOTE: As you look through the products on our website, you will get a good idea of the variety present in the coloring of Western Red Cedar wood. When you order a marker, expect the color to vary from the marker pictured here, but the engraving will remain the same.